How Can You Get a Corn Detasseling Job?


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Several companies hire summer help for corn detasseling jobs. In 2014, hiring companies include DuPont Pioneer, Team Corn & Soil Inc., Bauer Detasseling and Not Afraid to Sweat Detasseling, Inc.

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Corn detasseling involves removing tassels that grow on corn, in order to force the plant to cross-pollinate. DuPont Pioneer explains if detasseling is not done properly, the entire crop can fail. Companies typically hire teenagers and college students to detassel corn. According to DuPont Pioneer, workers begin anywhere from mid-June to early July. It depends upon the state in which they live. Jobs typically last between 2 to 4 weeks.

The minimum age to work at a detasseling job varies. Illinois, Indiana and Texas allow children as young as 12 to detassel. Michigan's minimum age is 13. Iowa, Washington and Canada allow 14-year-old children to work in the corn fields. DuPont Pioneer states detasselers earn minimum wage for their work, and the company typically hires thousands of workers per season. Not Afraid to Sweat expects workers to earn around $2,400 over an entire season.

Detasselers start work at 5 to 6 o'clock in the morning. Workers pull off the tassel on each corn plant and throw it to the ground before a cleanup crew comes by to collect the flowers. The only equipment needed are gloves and safety glasses. Companies, such as DuPont, typically provide these items.

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