How Can You Get a Copy of Your 1099 Social Security Benefit Statement?

The Social Security Administration mails out Form SSA-1099 each January to everyone who receives Social Security benefits, reports the SSA. Individuals are able to obtain replacement Form SSA-1099 through their online My Social Security account, by phone or in person at a local Social Security office.

To create a My Social Security account and obtain a Form SSA-1099, go to the main page of, click on the My Social Security icon, scroll down, and click on Create an Account, according to the SSA. Read and agree to the terms of service, and enter your personal information such as Social Security number, age, email address and mailing address. After logging into the account, select Replacement Documents to find Form SSA-1099. To find a phone number to request a Form SSA-1099, or to find the address of a local Social Security office, click on Contact Us under Items of Interest on the main page.

Taxpayers use Form SSA-1099 to find out if their Social Security benefits are taxable, reports the IRS. To calculate the taxable amount of Social Security benefits, taxpayers add half the benefit amount to the total of all their other income and compare the result on an IRS worksheet. Social Security recipients may have to pay taxes on 50 to 85 percent of their benefits as of 2015, depending on their income.