Where Can a Coppercraft Guild Catalog Be Ordered?


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Coppercraft Guild catalogs are no longer available. The Tandy Corporation offered the product line from the 1950s until 1978, when the company was shut down. The products were generally regarded as highquality, and are still sold on eBay as collector's items in 2015.

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Coppercraft Guild employed salespeople that hosted parties in order to sell their merchandise through direct marketing. Many people grew up with the company in this manner, giving the merchandise nostalgic value in addition to its original utility.

Coppercraft, a modern company, seeks to exploit these feelings by claiming to offer handcrafted, old-world metalworking in the modern age. Despite the similar name, Coppercraft has no connection to the former Coppercraft Guild as it was founded in 1989, 11 years after the original company folded. Coppercraft offers an online e-binder that includes product descriptions and sketches on its website. The site is also affiliated with the Fabral brand, which also offers an online catalog.

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