Where Can You Get Free Copies of Will Forms?

A free, simple will form is available at AllLaw.com, according to AllLaw. The form is basic and only uses boilerplate language, and it appears on the website for educational purposes only. LawDepot.com offers free will forms customizable by state, states LawDepot. The individual selects the state in which he resides and fills in the form as prompted.

A will is a legal document that allows a person to control what happens to his assets and property after he has passed away, explains LawDepot. A will also allows a person with minor children to establish legal guardians and establish instructions for distribution of funds, including setting aside funds for the care of any pets. Without a will in place, the courts decide what happens to a person's assets after he dies.

Anyone over the age of 18 should establish a will to avoid the potential for disputes over his assets or property following his death, LawDepot explains. It is important for parents to have a will to specify a guardian to care for their children and how they want the guardian to raise their children. A will also appoints an executor, the individual who makes all of the distributions to the intended beneficiaries.