Can Conway Track Shipments?

Can Conway Track Shipments?

Conway tracks shipments through the Enhanced Multi-PRO Tracking system, which is available to registered users, and the Multi-PRO Tracking system, available to non-registered users. An email tracking service called the Dynamic Shipment Management System is a third method. All tracking services are available at

The Enhanced Multi-Pro Tracking service allows tracking by use of a PRO, or purchase order number, a tracking number, a bill of sale or the reference number for the shipment. The system automatically detects what type of number is being searched, so it is simply necessary to enter the information and hit the Track button. To register for this service, users must have an account with Conway.

The Multi-PRO Tracking option allows tracking of up to 12 tracking numbers at once. Anyone with a package being shipped through Conway may use this service.

The Dynamic Shipment Management System notifies clients of potential delays or other issues that crop up during shipment. Clients must be registered for shipment tracking to use this service. The system is activated by choosing the Delay option in the tracking system.

A related email program is the Shipment Status Notify option. It advises clients when a package has been picked up, delivered or delayed. Different types of notification groups are available.