How Can You Convert a Mobile Home Into Real Property?

Converting a mobile home into real property involves building a foundation for the mobile home, detaching transportation devices from the home, attaching the home to the foundation and obtaining a title for the home. Informing the Department of Motor Vehicles and the office of the county tax assessor of the conversion, and completing and filing any relevant forms completes the process.

To build the foundation, select a suitable location to station the real property, and erect the foundation by paying for the services of a licensed contractor. Be sure that the foundation is in compliance with the standards set by the local building inspection authority and building codes of the locality. Once the foundation is in place, detach hitches and other devices that facilitate the mobile home movement. Then, lift the immobilized home, set it over the foundation, and complete the attachment of the home to the foundation by plugging the gap underneath the home with skirting.

Next, submit a request to the county authority for conversion of the mobile home to real property. Upon submission of the request, the county provides a title deed and keeps record of the home's change of status. Be sure to fill any forms necessary for change of home status at the county to complete the conversion process.