How Can You Contribute to the "One Grain of Rice" Fundraiser Using Vocabulary Words?


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Contribute to the global hunger elimination charity FreeRice by visiting FreeRice.com and correctly answering questions about English vocabulary, typically focusing on the meanings of different words. Each time a user answers a question directly, the charity collects a donation of rice from a partner organization

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When visiting FreeRice.com users are able to immediately begin participation in the vocabulary food activity, or they may read about the different actions and sponsors of the charity. The game begins by presenting the user with a vocabulary word and asking him to choose the word from the list that best matches its meaning. When the user chooses the correct answer, the charity receives a donation of 10 grains of rice from one of its partners. Correct answers also present users with a new vocabulary question at an increased difficulty level. Incorrect answers do not earn any rice donations, instead presenting users with an easier vocabulary question to answer.

The charity is part of the United Nations World Food Programme and helps to collect food for individuals and communities in need across the world. By incorporating a game into the donation process, the site removes the need for direct financial contributions from users. The site also includes the option to participate in a group, though this requires registering with the site. It also offers different subjects through which users may earn rice, including chemistry, geography, humanities and mathematics.

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