How Can You Contact the KCRG TV Station?

How Can You Contact the KCRG TV Station?

The KCRG television station can be contacted by mail, e-mail, phone, or fax. KCRG is also on social media, and can be contacted via FaceBook or Twitter.

As of 2015, the mailing address for KCRG television is:


P.O. Box 816

Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

The KCRG television email address is

KCRG operates three newsrooms in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque. The phone numbers for each of these newsrooms are (319) 398-8393, (319) 337-9999, and (563) 583-9999, respectively. Only the Cedar Rapis and Iowa City newsrooms have fax numbers, and they are (319) 368-8505 and (319) 339-3148, respectively.

The KCRG Twitter handle is @KCRG. KCRG's weather and sports departments are also on Twitter, and can be contacted at @KCRG_FirstAlert and @KCRG_Sports.

Full contact information for KCRG television can be found at