How Can You Contact the Corporate Office for CVS?

The CVS Health corporate office can be contacted through its mailing address, phone number or email address. As of 2014, this information is located in the contact section of the company website.

  1. Determine the appropriate method of communication

    Depending on your question or comment, and your style of communication, talking to a representative on the phone may be more effective than writing a letter. Since there are three ways to contact CVS Health, decide which avenue is going to communicate your comment or concern best.

  2. Develop and organize your question or comment

    Before calling, writing or emailing CVS Health, gather your thoughts or even write down your questions so that all of your needs are addressed once you establish communication with the company.

  3. Call or write to CVS Health

    Locate the phone number, mailing address or email address for CVS Health's company headquarters on the company website, then contact a representative in the method you choose.