How Can You Conduct a Phone Survery?


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To conduct a phone survey, prepare a questionnaire enabling you to acquire information relevant to the company’s department heads, compile a list of customers or people you wish to survey, and call them using a random method to ensure more reliable results. If necessary, hire additional staff to facilitate work on large-scale surveys, run the questionnaire content by the managers to ensure their satisfaction with the questions, and determine the number of surveys to reflect the appropriate sample size.

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Prior to forming the questions, inquire whether the department heads seek information regarding customers’ satisfaction, their likelihood to acquire certain products or opinions about product features. Based on this information, create questions that present multiple choices and those that allow customers to expand on their answer. After compiling a rough draft, consult your superiors, and modify the questionnaire as per their instructions.

When creating a survey list, access the company’s database in case it keeps a record of the customers, or contact a phone company located in a city you wish to survey, and acquire a list of phone numbers from it. If both options fail, contact the Direct Marketing Association to acquire a list of numbers. If it becomes necessary to hire additional staff, instruct them regarding the goals of the survey, familiarize them with the questions, and make sure they ask for the main shopper in the household when making calls.

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