What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?


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Computer science graduates may work as software engineers, computer engineers, systems analysts or network architects. They may also move on to management positions once they have gained some work experience.

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Jobs for computer science graduates differ from those of programmers in that they focus on solving organizational problems rather than writing individual programs. Software and computer engineers work as analysts, conferring with customers and end users to develop overall requirements and determine project restrictions. They also work as systems architects, creating high-level solutions for specific products. Software and computer engineers may further specialize in subfields, such as network architects, database analysts or communications engineers. Entry-level workers generally begin their careers as testers or product support specialists.

Computer science graduates can work in a wide range of industries. Finance, insurance, technology, health care and pharmaceuticals are just some of the many options. Nearly any industry that uses computerized systems on a large scale or creates technology products has some need for software or computer engineers. As of 2014, median salaries range from about $44,000 to $96,000, with computer support specialists earning the lowest average pay and research scientists earning the highest. Computer science graduates are also not precluded from becoming programmers if they desire.

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