How Can You Complete an AIA Document G702 for Free?

The AIA document G702 Contractor’s Application for Payment, which is copyrighted by the American Institute of Architects, is often made available for free use by sub-contractors from the project’s general contractor, who has acquired it from the AIA.

The project owner can stipulate in the project contract documents that the AIA G702 form, usually in tandem with the AIA G703 Continuation Sheet, must be used by the general contractor to submit pay applications. If the project owner is a municipality, state, federal or utility district entity, it may be a matter of the project owner’s governing acquisition procedures that the AIA G702, or another specialized form, be used to submit the general contractor’s pay applications.

However, there are instances when the project owner is able to include the words “or comparable form,” which allows the general contractor and sub-contractor to create a form that follows the same format as the AIA G702 and includes all the required information. If the project owner allows a comparable form, the best program to create it in is a spreadsheet program that allows various calculations to be made.

A search online for free AIA G702 form results in several sites offering the download at no charge. As with any free download of copyrighted material, there is a risk of computer virus infection, receiving information that does not conform with the original, and facing the penalties applicable to copyright infringement regulations.