How Can You Compare Salaries for Different Career Options?

To compare salaries for different career options, visit the website, click on the U.S. Salary Wizard, fill in the required information, browse the results to find a comparable job, click on the job title and press the Free Salary Data button. Repeat these steps for each career option. The site also shows typical requirements for a career, such as years of experience and education for each career field, notes shows the median salary for a position as well as the low and high ends of wages, states Users also have the option to view Salary plus Bonus and Benefits for a job title.

To compare salaries for different career options, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Type into a browser and press enter.

  3. Locate the U.S. Salary Wizard
  4. Click on Salary at the upper left of the screen. Under Salary, click on U.S. Salary Wizard.

  5. Enter the required information
  6. Under Search U.S. Salaries, Enter a job title and location, then click Submit.

  7. Find a desired job to review
  8. Review the search results to find a job that matches the career option of interest, then click on the title. On the next screen, click on Free Salary Data, and then click on Skip This Advertisement.

  9. Review the results
  10. Review the salary results for the career. Users can see low and high ranges and the median salary, as well as view bonuses and benefits.

  11. Repeat the process for other careers
  12. Repeat the steps for the U.S. Salary Wizard with all desired career options to see their salaries.