Where Can a Company Make a Radio Commercial Ad?


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Businesses can hire a production company that produces radio advertising or make a deal with a local radio station to produce advertising in conjunction with purchasing a radio advertising package. Radio stations usually produce basic radio ads using copy provided by the business, whereas production companies offer writing and production.

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Professional production companies consult with a business client about what the client needs in regards to radio advertising. The production company creates an ad concept based on client preferences, writes ad copy and finds professional talent to read the copy and create jingle music. Several rough draft scripts are produced and the business client chooses the final version, and is also part of the decision making for hiring voice talent. Alternatively, businesses can save money by providing a commercial script to a radio station to turn into a polished advertisement, but music and voice talent choices are limited.

Production companies typically offer radio commercial ad packages customized to meet specific business goals, such as pitching a product or brand building. Radio ads are created with the target audience in mind and must reach people of who fit into demographic niches. Short radio ads are 10 or 15 seconds and longer ads are 30 to 60 seconds in duration. A billboard ad lasts for five seconds, which is long enough to mention the name of the business.

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