How Can Companies Customize Standard Blank Job Application Forms?


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The technical process for a company to customize a standard blank job application form varies depending on the nature of the document, as word processing files require creating cells and boxes with formatting options whereas a PDF may require a graphic editor that offers more options. In terms of content, the company should focus on its core values and any specific job requirements, such as skills or knowledge.

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Companies often use a blank job application form as a template from which to build a custom document, as many begin with sections for basic applicant information such as name, social security number and employment history. The customization process should begin with the hiring manager assessing the specific position with which the application is to appear, as this allows her to identify the most relevant factors and criteria. For example, a position for a software engineer may call for sections covering familiarity with different programming languages.

The manager should also think about the core values of the company and include questions to screen for candidates meeting these criteria. Once the manager knows what she wants to add to the document, she must open it in the appropriate program. Word processing software typically requires specific spacing and positioning that is dependent upon the document as a whole, whereas graphic design programs allow the user to freely draw lines and boxes to make new sections. Online job application forms also allow for more customization through the use of special coding.

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