Where Can You Find Common Nursing Terminology?


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Standard medical texts such as the Oxford Dictionary of Nursing and such websites as Nurseslabs.com and Quizlet.com provide information about the abbreviations, acronyms and other terms common to the nursing profession. The websites are accessible to laypeople wanting to understand more about their own medical reports and nursing students alike.

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The fifth edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Nursing is the most recent as of 2015. It has more than 10,000 entries corresponding to different terms that are a part of the nursing profession. This dictionary also has entries related to pharmacology, nutrition, psychiatry, anatomy and general medicine, and it discusses recent advances in statistics, religion, scales and indexes that pertain to nursing. The book also has illustrations to amplify some of the entries.

The Quizlet website offers users the chance to make a set of flash cards on the basis of the vocabulary words in the list. It provides audio spelling recordings for people who need that assistance with the written word. It also has interactive games to help users test their knowledge about the terms after reviewing them. The Nurseslabs lists focus on abbreviations and acronyms common to nursing. The user has the option of printing out the lists for use in study.

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