How Can College Students Qualify for Free Laptop Computers?

How Can College Students Qualify for Free Laptop Computers?

Qualify for free computers or highly discounted computers by contacting the financial aid departments in respective colleges. However, students who pursue distant learning programs or have full time jobs are at an advantage, says ehow. Also, there are organizations that offer free or highly discounted computers to students.

Computers are an essential tool in learning. Therefore, five non-profit organizations seek to make this technology more accessible to students: Computers for Learning, Computers for Students, Computer Recycling Center, Computers with Causes and The On It Foundation. Unfortunately, The On It Foundation does not offer the opportunity to access a free computers to college students, explains Marygrove College.

Apply for a free computer by visiting Computer for Learning website and complete the registration form. If you apply on behalf of a school you must provide the National Center for Educational Statistics number in order to qualified, states Marygrove College.

Computer for Students does not offer free laptop computers but do make them very inexpensive for students. Laptop computers are sold for $150. For a discounted website, complete the application form on the Computer for Students website. Once approved, a voucher will be delivered to you, says Marygrove College.

To qualify for a free computer from Computer Recycling Center, write a letter to the Center and state the system you want. Also, mention the programs that will be on the system and how it will be used. Within 30 days Computer Recycling System will respond to you, according to Marygrove College. For a computer from Computer with Causes, complete the application form on website and explain you need for a computer.