How Can a College Student With No Work Experience Make a Resume?


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A college student with no work experience who wants to make a resume should focus on highlighting personal attributes and extra-curricular activities. In addition, students should ensure that the resume is concise and neat.

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  1. Focus on creating a clean layout
  2. Create a clean layout by using the same font consistently throughout the document. In addition, make sure headers are clear so employers can access relevant information quickly.
  3. Include contact details
  4. Make sure the top of the resume includes contact details. This should include the candidate's full name, email address and a contact telephone number. Some candidates may also want to feature a professional social media account, but this is not mandatory.
  5. Create a goal statement
  6. The candidate's goal statement should rest beneath the contact details. This should detail the resume's aim, such as seeking an internship in a digital media organization.
  7. Highlight leadership and activity interests
  8. Candidates with no work experience can highlight their leadership and activity interests by detailing the extra-curricular activities they participate in. This can include being part of a sports team, volunteering or being the president of a society.
  9. Identify achievements
  10. If possible, include a section detailing personal or academic achievements. This can include academic scholarships and honor rolls.
  11. Identify skills
  12. Create a bullet point list of skills. This can include relevant personality attributes, computer skills and anything else that seems relevant.
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