How Can You Find a CO2 Refill Station?


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CO2 refills are available at most large sporting goods stores such as The Sports Authority, Oshman's and Dick's Sporting Goods. Beverage-quality CO2 refills, which have slightly higher purity standards, are available from large beverage retailers such as Sigel's, Spec's and Beverage Depot.

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Beverage-quality CO2 is required by law to be 99.9 percent pure, while industrial grade CO2 is required to be 99 percent pure. Thus, beverage-quality CO2 can be used for industrial or non-consumable purposes such as paintball CO2 tanks. Many restaurants and beverage retailers use a gas service, such as NuCO2, that schedules recurring refills at set intervals and delivers the refills to client businesses. Wholesale companies such as CryoGas supply large CO2 tanks to consumers.

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