Where Can You Find Clubhouses for Rent?

can-clubhouses-rent Credit: Jordan Polevoy Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Find clubhouses for rent by looking at listings on directory information search sites such as Yellowpages or local business review sites such as Yelp. Many public parks also have websites that contain information about clubhouses for rent. Some apartment communities also have rentable clubhouses.

Direct listing sites, such as Yellowpages, allow users to search for different businesses within a given geographic location and view contact information about the business, such as its address, phone number and website. The site's search feature enables users to find businesses both by matching terms to the company's name or using a general description of the company's purpose or features, such as a clubhouse that accepts rentals. Yelp functions in much the same way. It allows users to choose a location and search for a business name or general description of a venue. As Yelp features user reviews of businesses, many of the reviews for clubhouses contain information about the price and availability of rentals.

Another way to find clubhouses for rent is by searching on the apartments section of Craigslist. By entering in "clubhouse" into the keyword search field, a user can see all listings for apartment communities that have an on-site clubhouse. The user can call the clubhouse to inquire about rental options.