How Can You Find a Clock With Army Time?


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Visit any store that sells clocks, and look for digital models with a selector switch or button that allows you to switch them from a 12-hour setting to a 24-hour setting, otherwise known as Army time. Clocks with this feature are found at a variety of stores, such as Target, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl's. Call ahead or check the online site for each store to verify there is a clock with that feature before visiting.

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Finding an analog clock with military time takes a bit more effort, because analog clocks typically have the numbers one through 12 on the face, and the hour hand goes all the way around the clock twice a day. The 24-hour clock is not commonly used in the United States outside of the military, law enforcement or medical fields, so visit clock speciality stores online or mass retail websites like Amazon.com to find an analog model that has all 24 hours on the clock face with an hour hand that moves half the speed of a regular 12-hour clock.

Another option is to change the clock on your computer or phone to Army time if you use it regularly. Most models have the option in the settings to switch the clock from a 12-hour setting to the Army's 24-hour setting. Once the setting has been changed, it should stay that way as long as there are no major updates made to the system.

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