Can I Claim the Family Allowance Benefit?

Can I Claim the Family Allowance Benefit?

British citizens are eligible for a family tax allowance if they are caring for a child and make a low to moderate income. In the UK. The threshold in this respect is £50,000 a year, but it's still possible to receive the allowance. According to the UK's Citizens Advice Bureau, any salary over £60,000 a year usually cancels out the allowance as the recipient is in a higher tax bracket.

A tax benefit offered to UK residents, the family tax allowance benefits those individuals who care for a child who is under 16 years old. The allowance is also given to individuals who care for a child who is under the age of 20 and enrolled in an authorized training and education program.

The family tax allowance was instituted in response to the 1945 Family Allowances Act, which was passed by the UK Parliament. The first legal statute to provide a welfare child benefit in the country, the benefit has influenced childcare tax legislation in Australia and Canada.

In the UK, a child benefit or a family tax allowance can only be claimed by one person in a household. The UK's government website explains that the allowance continues for a period of 20 weeks if a child discontinues training or education and enrolls in the military or any sponsored careers service by the government.

Eligibility extends to a parent or grandparent who cares or looks after a child as well as foster parents and individuals who are caring for someone else’s child.

According to the UK's government website, benefit payments stop immediately when a child obtains employment for a minimum of 24 hours weekly or begins receiving certain benefits, such as an employment and support allowance.