How Can You Get Civilian Contractor Jobs in Iraq?

Getting hired as a civilian contract worker in Iraq requires finding private companies hiring workers to fill various positions. Fluor is a company that provides contractor services to the U.S. Army as part of the army's Logistics Civil Augmentation Program. To get a job with Fluor, visit its website and browse for job opportunities in Iraq, and then submit an application. Search for additional Iraq civilian contractor jobs at, and

Vigilance is required when searching for civilian job opportunities in Iraq as of 2015, and you should keep browsing contract job listings to increase chances of finding jobs that match your skills. Some civilians fill security positions and are assigned to protect civilian personnel working in Iraq hot zones. Individuals with engineering or educational experience might find positions in technical and training fields. Veterans with combat military experience might take on the dangerous task of mine removal.

Some contractor companies need workers for construction projects, and others need truck drivers to handle transportation of supplies. Health care workers are needed to provide medical services, and people who can speak foreign languages work as interpreters. Not every contractor job requires unique skills, and food preparation is a job that requires minimum skills and experience. Working as a civilian contractor in a potentially volatile country such as Iraq requires courage, dedication and stamina.