How can you take a Cigna health assessment test?


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Individuals can take a number of Cigna health assessment tests online for free on the Cigna website, reports Cigna. The tests are arranged in a number of categories that include smoking, dental health, behavioral health, weight and exercise, and pregnancy and women's health. Other tools help people estimate health-related finances.

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How can you take a Cigna health assessment test?
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To access Cigna health assessment tests, go to the main page of the Cigna website, select Health & Wellness in the toolbar at the top of the page, and click on Tools, according to Cigna. Scroll down on the Health Care Tools page, choose the test you want to take and click on the test.

Smoking tests include questions on how smoking raises heart attack risk, whether a user is ready to quit, estimated longevity and the cost of smoking, states Cigna. Dental health tests posit cavity and gum disease risk and the effect of dental wellness on overall health. Behavior health tests assess stress levels, depression levels and whether the individual has a drinking problem. Numerous tests on weight and exercise assess heart rate, calories burned during various activities, risk to health due to weight and other topics. The questions on pregnancy and women's health estimate fertility and due dates.

Additional financial tools related to health on the web page estimate life insurance and health savings account needs, reports Cigna. Other tools estimate the tax savings on flexible spending accounts and financial needs if someone becomes disabled.

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