Where Can You Get Checks With Stubs?


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Various styles of checks with stubs are found on specialty checking and business supply websites such as Deluxe.com, CarouselChecks.com, 4Checks.com and StylesChecks.com. General office supply websites such as OfficeDepot.com also sell checks with stubs.

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StylesChecks.com allows users to browse through its selection of top-stub business checks in one section, with the best-selling checks featured on the top of the page, as of March 2015. A user can hover her mouse cursor over the thumbnail of a check to view an enlarged version of the image. This feature allows the user to see both the style of the background image on the check and the layout of the top stub as well. Clicking on a specific check allows the user to read details about its design and features as well as initiate the ordering process.

Checks with stubs sold on the Office Depot website can be sorted based on factors such as popularity among customers, the date on which the product was added to the store's inventory and the price of the checks. Each listing for checks contains a description of the checks features, such as the stub format and the number of checks per book, along with any customization options available.

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