How Can You Check a Walmart Paycheck Stub?

How Can You Check a Walmart Paycheck Stub?

To view a Walmart pay stub, employees must log in to their account on the Walmart One associate site and click on the "Money" tab, then on the "View Pay Stub" link. Walmart One keeps track of all of the payments made to all registered Walmart associates, as stated by the Walmart corporate website.

Walmart One is a website dedicated to assisting employees, and the website offers services such as health insurance information and education opportunities, as well as tracks payments, W2 and benefit options. Employees should use the following steps to locate their Walmart paycheck stubs:

  1. Go to the Walmart One website
  2. Open the Walmart One website in a working web browser.

  3. Click on the "Money" tab
  4. There are a number of tabs on a menu across the top of the screen, including "Education and Careers," "Work," "Health" and "Money." Click on the "Money" tab to navigate to pay stubs.

  5. Log in using an existing username and password
  6. New associates must sign up to acquire a Walmart One account. Use this account information to log in when prompted.

  7. Click on the "View Pay Stubs" link
  8. Click on the "View Pay Stubs" link to check all previous stubs. There is an option to print each stub, if necessary.