How Can You Check the Status of Your Alabama Tax Refund?


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The status of an Alabama tax refund can be checked by visiting the Alabama Department of Revenue's website and choosing the Where's My Refund option through the My Alabama Taxes website, explains the Alabama Department of Revenue. The My Alabama Taxes website also allows businesses to register for new accounts.

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Taxpayers looking to check their Alabama taxes need to provide their social security number and the amount of their expected refund, says the Alabama Department of Revenue. Without that information the taxpayer is not able to check the status of the refund. If the taxpayer used the e-filing system instead of mailing paper returns, the electronic filing system guarantees a faster turn-around time on processing refunds.

Taxpayers who are receiving a refund may have opted to use the direct deposit method of receiving their payments. The refund is deposited into the taxpayers account faster when it's transferred electronically. Using direct deposit is secure, and it helps to prevent mail fraud and protects against identity theft. Simply provide the bank's routing number and your account number and the funds are automatically deposited into the taxpayer's chosen account. The money is available the same day it's deposited, says the Alabama Department of Revenue.

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