How Can You Check Your OneVanilla Balance?

OneVanilla cardholders can check their balances by going to the OneVanilla website and entering their card numbers, expiration dates and security codes. From there, the website provides cardholders with updated balances.

OneVanilla is a prepaid card that is available for purchase at retailers nationwide. The OneVanilla card is great for everyday use, and customers can load between $20 and $500 on their cards. The OneVanilla card has no fees after purchases, is ready to use immediately, and does not require any personal information. No credit check is required to obtain the card, and using it is safer than using cash.

Prepaid debit cards have a few of benefits. First, they allow customers to curb their spending because customers can only spend the money they have loaded onto their cards. This is beneficial because customers don't carry credit balances. The downside to that is there is no credit history built because using the card is just like using cash. However, using a prepaid debit card does help save for long-term goals or to manage debt.

Prepaid debit cards are also good to keep money safe while traveling, and they are very easy to use internationally. If a card is stolen, the losses are only limited to the amount of cash on the card, unlike with a credit card where the losses can amount to the customer's spending limit.