How Can You Check Your Job History for Free?


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You can check your job history for free by making requests through Social Security, using tax returns, contacting former employees or simply keeping your resume updated. These can all help fill prospective employers in on key information needed to complete a background check.

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How Can You Check Your Job History for Free?
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You can request employment history from Social Security by completing a Request for Social Security Earnings Information form. This form allows you to specify the kind of employment history you need, including the names and addresses of former employers. If the latter is needed, be sure to check the box on the form labeled "Itemized Statement of Earnings." Note that to receive this information for free, you must provide the IRS with a reason why you are requesting it, such as clarifying information for a particular year. Without a reason approved by the IRS, this service costs $136 as of 2015.

If you saved copies of your tax returns, this means you also have copies of your W2s, which helps provide employment history. Those who filed their taxes through online sites such as Turbotax may be able to access prior records and employment history online.

A basic way to obtain employment history is to simply call previous employers and verify information such as dates of employment and, as needed, employer addresses.

Finally, you can simply keep track of employment history by regularly updating your resume with new employers as needed.

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