How Can You Check Your Contributions to Social Security Online?

Check your contributions to Social Security online by creating and logging into a My Social Security account, reports the Social Security Administration. Go to, select the My Social Security icon, and click on Create an Account. The account allows you to monitor the amount of Medicare and Social Security taxes you pay, your yearly earnings, and estimates of future benefits.

To create a My Social Security account, prove your identity by supplying personal information, explains U.S. News & World Report. You must correctly answer a number of multiple choice questions about topics such as past addresses, personal finances and insurance. The financial answers are based on data that the credit-reporting company Experian provides. If you are unable to verify your identity online, go to a local Social Security office in person and obtain help in opening an online account or have the Social Security Administration send a paper statement by mail.

Once you verify your identity, create a unique username and password that gives you sole access to the account, according to U.S. News & World Report. The Social Security Administration follows up your application with a verifying email and letter by post. By federal law, you are not allowed to let anyone else use your personal My Social Security account, even with written permission, warns the Social Security Administration.