Where Can You Check an ATM Card Balance Online?

Where Can You Check an ATM Card Balance Online?

In order to view an ATM card balance online, make sure the card is linked through a bank to an online banking account, go to the online banking website and log in using the banking information, click on the correct account and then onto any "Transactions" or "History" links. If the total card balance is not visible on the account homepage, it should be listed on the transactions page, as noted by 53.com.

Debit cards and ATM cards allow holders to take money out of their accounts using an automated teller machine. The machines typically offer users the ability to check their overall account balance, but cardholders are also able to check their balance online without the use of an ATM, according to Visa.com. Use the following steps to check an ATM card balance online.

  1. Make sure the card is linked to an online banking account.
  2. All major banks offer online banking. Contact the bank that the card is issued from to set up an online account.

  3. Login to the online banking account.
  4. Go to the banking website and login to the online banking account using a given username and password.

  5. Click on the account of the ATM card.
  6. If users have more than one account, they should make sure that they view the account that is linked with the ATM card.

  7. If necessary, click on any "Transactions" or "Transaction History" links.
  8. If the card balance is not displayed on the account page, click on any available links to view recent transactions. This page should display the card's overall balance.