How Can You Find Cheap Mobile Homes for Sale in Arkansas?


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Consumers seeking to buy cheap mobile homes in Arkansas can research homes offered for sale on websites such as Warrenmobilehomes.com, Mhvillage.com and 21stmortgage.com. All of these companies provide access to a database of new or used mobile homes, and many are listed for low prices, as of 2015.

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When purchasing a manufactured mobile home, buyers should carefully weigh financing options, since some banks are reluctant to provide a loan for mobile homes unless the home is resting on a permanent foundation, according to State Farm. Banks are also more willing to lend money if the consumer owns the land that the mobile home sits on. Buyers should also be aware that an investment in a mobile home is not likely to provide much in the way of resale value. Most mobile homes depreciate in value, except homes that have accrued equity because of upkeep and permanent land value.

Transportation costs are another major expense associated with purchasing a mobile home, notes State Farm. Deciding who pays to relocate the home to its new location, the buyer or the seller, is often part of sales negotiations. Mobile home buyers typically pay costs for set-up and utilities. Before paying for a mobile home, consumers should conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the home is sound.

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