Where Can You Find a Chart That Will List Florida County Sales Taxes?


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The Florida Department of Revenue posts an up-to-date chart of Florida discretionary sales surtax by county. This surtax is added to Florida's statewide sales tax, which is a straight 6 percent, as Florida DOR explains.

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Florida's discretionary sales surtax rates range between 0.5 and 1.5 percent, as of 2015. Not all counties charge the discretionary sales surtax, according to Florida DOR. The chart showing discretionary sales surtax rates by county is updated each November. Typically discretionary sales surtax is charged only on the first $5,000 of value in sales of large items, and it doesn't apply to sales of real property. When an item is sold in one county and delivered to a second county, the second county's discretionary sales surtax is charged.

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