How Can You Change Your Personal Information on the ESS?

ESS details such as name, job title, account number and work department must be changed by staff members who have authority to make those changes. Employee Self-Service systems are designed to allow an employee to log into her account and change personal information such as address, phone number, W-4 tax form and direct deposit details. If an employee notices other types of wrong information in her ESS account, she can report it to a supervisor or the human resources department.

The ability to log into an ESS account and update an address is a fast way to ensure payroll checks, tax forms and company information are sent to the correct address. When employees cannot alter information in the system, there is usually an option to send an electronic message to human resources or the person responsible for updating important ESS information. ESS systems give employees more control over personal information, and employees can use the system to conduct research about employer benefits without contacting human resources.

Companies with ESS systems are likely to see employee productivity rise as efficiency improves, but to achieve these benefits, companies must make upfront expenditures of time and money. Companies must train employees on how to use the system, and adapting it into the normal work routine requires organized effort.