How Can You Change Your Mailing Address With the IRS?

How Can You Change Your Mailing Address With the IRS?

The IRS offers many different ways to change an address, including sending in a form, providing a written or oral statement or sending an electronic notification. Taxpayers can also simply fill in the new address on a tax return form, according to the official IRS website.

Submitting the USPS address change form can sometimes automatically change an address with the IRS. However, taxpayers should still notify the IRS of any address changes. Submitting a USPS change of address form online carries a small charge, according to the official website. Filling out the form at the post office is free.

The correct form to change an address with the IRS is Form 8822. Taxpayers who want to give power of attorney to a representative to change their address can do so using Form 2848. These forms are available through the IRS website. Taxpayers can also access IRS address change forms and USPS address change forms through the official government website.

To make a written statement to notify the IRS of a change of address, tax payers can write and sign a document listing their full names, old addresses, new addresses and Social Security numbers. They can also provide this information in person or on the phone.

To send an electronic notification, taxpayers can complete a change of address using the "Where's My Refund?" feature on the official IRS website.