Where Can I Change My Coins Into Notes?

can-change-coins-notes Credit: Casey Fleser/CC-BY-2.0

Banks and fee-for-service coin machines are the easiest places to have coins changed for notes, according to the Chicago Tribune. While fee-for-service machines always take a portion of each dollar counted, banks commonly waive these fees for members. Exchange coins for cash during regular business hours at banks or during extended hours at a grocery store, where fee-for-service coin machines are most commonly located.

Because some banks do not count coins on site, coins brought to a bank are often shipped out for counting, according to the Chicago Tribune. This can result in a delay of about a week for receiving notes in exchange for the coins. While a coin machine provides instant money that can be applied to a grocery bill or exchanged for cash, the hefty service fees taken from the coin exchange can be a turnoff. Many coin machines count coins for free when the balance is applied to a gift card for popular merchants.

The Chicago Tribune suggests that there is no need to roll change into coin rolls, as change is predominately counted using automated counting machines. At some banks that do have a fee for coin counting, the fee can be waived if a new account is opened.