How Can You Get Certified Through NAADAC?


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To get certified through the Association for Addiction Professionals or NAADAC, meet eligibility requirements, submit an application form along with payment for fees, and pass the standardized testing administered by the Professional Testing Corporation. Different credentials involve distinct standards and focus on particular knowledge fields, skill sets and formal training.

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As of 2016, available National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals, or NCCAP, credentials include National Certified Addiction Counselor Level I, or NCAC I, National Certified Addiction Counselor Level II, or NCAC II, and Master Addiction Counselor with Co-Occurring Disorders Component, or MAC. The eligibility requirements to obtain the NCAC I credential include a high school diploma or higher education, valid Substance Use Disorder or Addiction counseling license, and a minimum of three years full-time experience. Completing at least 270 hours of relevant classroom training and passing the NCAC I exam are also necessary.

After an applicant submits all requirements and pays certification costs, NAADAC sends information about the date and site of testing once the application is approved. NAADC does not require addiction professionals to become members of the organization to obtain certification, but the association offers certain certification test discounts to eligible members. In addition to the three primary credentials for addiction counselors, NAADC offers specialization credentials, including Nicotine Dependence Specialist, National Certified Adolescent Addiction Counselor and National Endorsed Student Assistance Professional.

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