How Can You Find the CD Rates for Wells Fargo?


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Visit the Wells Fargo website, and go to the link for interest rates for savings products. Enter your ZIP code when prompted, and review the different options for Certificates of Deposit, or CDs. As of 2015, Wells Fargo offers standard, special and step rate CDs.

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Through Wells Fargo, standard CDs are available in terms of three or six months or a year. Special CDs come with terms of nine, 26, 39 and 58 months with renewal terms. As of 2015, there is no minimum for opening a standard CD, but the minimum for opening a special CD is $5,000.

The step rate CD has a term of 24 months and offers guaranteed increases in interest rate and withdrawals without penalty, as long as you keep the balance at or above its opening level. The standard and special CDs are available through online or in-person application, while the step rate CD requires an application in person in a branch. The step rate CD also offers an interest bonus for customers who link that CD to a PMA Prime Checking or PMA Premier Checking account at the time of opening. Interest rates and annual percentage yield are applicable until the end of the CD's term.

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