Where Can You Find Catchy Safety Slogan Posters?


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As of 2015, businesses and individuals find catchy safety slogan posters from online sellers such as SafetyPosterShop.com, SafetySupplyWarehouse.com and Seton.com. Each of these websites have online purchasing options, or customers can contact sellers through a customer service phone number.

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SafetyPosterShop.com contains a few dozen catchy safety slogans on posters, according to the seller's website. One poster appears to have a "Charlie's Angels" motif with the letters "S.A.F.E." above three characters in shadow. Below the acronym, the slogan says "Staying Accident Free Everywhere." Another slogan simply states "Safety First" with a pointer finger making the "number 1" sign for the "i" in first. The pointer finger has a hard hat on the tip.

SafetySupplyWarehouse.com contains hundreds of safety banners and posters with catchy slogans and phrase, notes the website. One poster shows a dart board with two darts in the bull's eye and the slogan "Target zero incidents." Another poster has three alphabet block letters with "A," "B" and "C" on each one. The slogan reads, "Safety is as simple as ABC Always Be Careful."

Seton.com lists more than 80 products as safety posters, according to its website. One of the simplest posters says "Safety begins with teamwork" on a green background. Another classic poster states, "Safety starts with you!" and the word "you" is underscored. A third poster has a football sailing through the uprights next to the slogan "Our goal No accidents."

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