Where Can I Cash My Tax Return Check?

The IRS is able to issue tax refunds in the form of ordinary cashier's checks, which makes it possible to deposit or cash them anywhere a person would ordinarily cash a check of equal value. People who do not have a bank account, and who are unwilling to cash the check at a check-cashing store, are able to quickly access their refunds through prepaid cards, according to Forbes.

Cashing a refund check from the IRS is as easy as depositing it into one's bank account. For people who don't hold personal bank accounts, cashing the check can be more difficult, but it is not impossible. Many check-cashing locations honor government checks and will pay out in cash upon presentation of the tax refund check. For anyone who is not comfortable with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their pocket, Forbes suggests a few alternatives. One option is direct deposit for those people with bank accounts. Another increasingly popular option is to have the tax refund loaded directly onto a prepaid debit card. This option does not require a bank account, does not involve carrying large sums of cash in public, and can even provide access to the tax refund sooner than a paper check would.