Where Can You Cash a MoneyGram?

A money order from the MoneyGram financial service can be cashed in the United States at various locations, including banks, grocery stores and dedicated check-cashing facilities. It is possible to deposit it into a standard checking account at a bank, where it is typically treated the same as cash. When presented at other check-cashing venues, the funds are typically available right away as long as proper identification is provided.

Most banks do not charge a fee to established customers for cashing MoneyGram money orders. If the receiver of a MoneyGram does not have a checking or savings account at a standard banking institution, the next best option is a local supermarket or respected retailer with a check-cashing service. Rates for cashing the MoneyGram are generally lower at these facilities than at dedicated check-cashing outlets.

Most states regulate the fees and surcharges allowable for cashing checks, so reputable institutions adhere to legal limitations. Customers are advised to look for the official MoneyGram logo in store windows, to read all disclosures before signing anything and to ask about all fees ahead of time. Most institutions require legal photo identification such as a drivers license, state identification card or passport. Others accept alternate forms that include student IDs, utility bills, credit cards or birth certificates.