How Can You Get a Car Settlement?

To get a car settlement with an insurance company, provide as much information and documentation as possible to back up your claims, says Nolo. Enter negotiations mindful of the amount you are willing to settle for, and emphasize the strongest points in the case.

List compensation requests and supporting proof for vehicle damage, personal property damage, car rentals and out-of-pocket expenses, states Nolo. Insurance companies make settlement offers based on documentation and information provided by the party receiving compensation. That is why detailed expense lists and supporting documentation such as bills and receipts are important. Information in a settlement offer should include the other driver's name, his insurance company, any witnesses, any law enforcement officials who appeared, vehicle locations, damage to each vehicle, license plates of the vehicles, expenses incurred and photographic evidence to back up the claims.

Try not to accept the first offer, particularly if it is too low, advises Nolo. Counteroffer with an amount slightly below the initial requested amount. Focus on the strongest arguments; for example, if the other driver was 100 percent at fault or injuries from the accident hampered daily functioning, emphasize this. In cases such as those including mental pain and medical expenses, an attorney can help beef up a case.