Where Can Car Seats Be Donated?


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Used car seats should not be sold or donated, since they lose effectiveness due to the natural wear and tear that occurs over time, according to Consumer Reports. Additionally, when buying used, there is no way to know if the car seat has been involved in a wreck, which can compromise the car seat's structural integrity. In general, these are no longer considered safe for use and should be disposed of to avoid potential injuries to the child.

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Where Can Car Seats Be Donated?
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Car seats should not be thrown in the trash intact, however, as they can pose a safety hazard to others if reused. There are some recycling companies that will disassemble the car seats, but if one is not available in the area, the owner should try to take it apart first before throwing it away. In some cases, the plastic parts may be recyclable, but the metal parts should be removed from the seat first, along with the padding. If the car seat cannot be taken fully apart, at the very least, cut the straps so it cannot be used again.

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