How Can You Get Car Payment Assistance?


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Get car payment assistance using assistance programs, repayment plans and loan extensions. The first thing to do if you can't complete car payment is to contact your lender. Many people tend to avoid their lenders, but this choice often only makes the situation more difficult for them.

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In loan extensions, the lender takes the payments a client missed and adds them to the end of the loan. This extends the repayment period for a client but eliminates the ability to make any payments to become up-to-date on the loan. If this is a good option, call your lender. Not all lenders, however, provide loan extensions.

In a repayment plan, you enter an agreement with the lender to spread the past due payments over a particular period. You can make double payments in this option if you have enough money. If you've been in default already, don't send a partial payment before talking to your lender, as the lender may reject the payment.

Refinancing is a good option if you can't complete their car payments due to financial difficulties. This option allows you to become current without incurring other costs. If you can't afford to keep the car, it is better to sell it than to let it be repossessed.

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