How Can You Get a Car Dealer Auction License?


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The process for obtaining a car dealer auction license is different for each state, but generally includes submitting to a background check, attending a training program and passing a test. In California, the license requires filling out an Original Application for Occupational License and providing other specified documentation.

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Other required documentation submitted along with the formal application in California includes the original certificate of completion from the dealer training program provider, and copies of a city or county business license, a resale sales tax permit from the state's Board of Equalization, and a lease or rental agreement for the dealer auction facility. The Department of Motor Vehicles also requires potential licensees to submit photographs of the dealer auction facility, which must show the main entrance, the sign, the vehicle display area and a general image of the location.

As of 2015, the fees in California for obtaining a car dealer auction license include a $175 non-refundable initial application fee, $1 family support program fee, $100 auto broker fee, $70 for each car dealer auction branch location, and a $300 new motor vehicle board fee. Anyone who wishes to obtain a car dealer auction license can expect to pay a minimum of $646 in total fees.

DMV.org provides step-by-step instructions and dealer application handbooks pertaining to the process of obtaining a car dealer auction license in each state.

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