Can You Cancel a Money Order?

can-cancel-money-order Credit: Marcin Wichary/CC-BY 2.0

A money order can be canceled as well as traced, states Western Union. Therefore, it's important for the purchaser to keep the money order receipt, whether the instrument was purchased from Western Union, the U.S. Postal Service or a bank. That way, the cancellation and refund process can be expedited.

A person who sends a money order by mail can protect himself further by using certified mail to prove the recipient received the money order, suggests Money Matters 360 Degrees. Using this method also can help the sender trace the money order for a refund request.

While a money order is similar to a check, it differs from the standpoint that the money has been paid and, therefore, is guaranteed to the recipient, states Money Matters 360 Degrees. Because the purchaser isn't using a check register, he needs to make sure to keep the money order receipt in a safe place if case he must cancel the instrument.

Western Union provides purchasers who have lost their receipt with a form that must be notarized, the company website states. WU assesses fees for tracking money orders for refund requests.