How Can You Calculate Your Part-Time Wages?


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To calculate part-time wages, first determine the full-time salary for the position by contacting the human resources department of the employer or from a salary database, reports the Houston Chronicle. Next, divide the full-time salary amount by the number of work hours in the year. This calculation yields the hourly rate of pay.

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How Can You Calculate Your Part-Time Wages?
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To determine a part-time employee's annual salary, determine the amount of hours per week the employer requires of the employee, explains the Houston Chronicle. Multiply this number by 52, the total number of weeks in a year. Using this total, multiply it by the previously determined hourly rate to calculate a part-time employee's annual salary. Divide the annual salary by the number of pay periods per year to determine a part-time employee's earnings for each pay period. The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines employment as part-time if it is less than 35 hours per week.

In some cases, employers may pay a part-time employee a salary that is not equivalent to the salary a full-time employee receives, notes Salary.com. Part-time employees also do not typically receive benefits at the same level that full-time employees receive them. During a salary negotiation, it is wise to allow the other party to offer an amount first.

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