How Can You Calculate Your Take Home Pay?

Utilize the Automatic Data Processing and Paycheck City websites to enter information related to salary, taxes and deductions to calculate take home pay. The take home pay figures vary based on specific tax year and state of employment.

Visit the ADP website and enter gross pay, gross salary, pay frequency, filing status and federal withholding information in the general information section. Ensure the correct state is selected, and choose the appropriate state tax as a percentage of gross wages. Enter any additional state withholding if necessary. Include any voluntary deductions or exemptions, and then calculate the take home pay. The take home pay represents wages after considerations of withholdings and taxes.

The Paycheck City website offers a similar calculator that requires a check state and state for withholding. Enter all gross pay information, pay frequency and federal filing status information. Include state and local tax information as well. Finally, enter any optional deductions to subtract, and then calculate the net take home pay.

Vertex42 also offers an excel template to enter take home pay information and calculate the amount. This template can generate associated charts and graphs to compare the related components. The excel template is available for Excel 2003 or the OpenOffice platform.