Where Can You Buy a Zumiez Gift Card?

Consumers can purchase gift cards for the Zumiez clothing store at its website, Zumiez.com. The company sells both e-gift cards and physical gift cards. GiftCardGranny.com, a website the buys, sells and auctions gift cards and e-gift cards, also sells Zumiez gift cards at rates below the face value of the cards.

When customers purchase e-gift cards from the Zumiez website, intended receivers get them within a few hours of purchase. Zumiez ships physical cards free of charge, and they arrive at their destination within two to five business days. Gift card customers can use either type of card in stores and online.

GiftCardGranny.com offers both physical and e-gift cards. As of September 2015, discounts range from two percent to 20 percent off the face value of the card.