Where Can You Buy Wholesale Pallets?

Online retailers that sell wholesale pallets include HJ Liquidators Closeouts Inc., Merchandize Liquidators and Warehouse One. Wholesale pallet retailers sell a variety of items in large pallet lots, including clothing, jewelry, electronics and personal care products.

HJ Liquidators Closeouts Inc. features a selection of wholesale pallets at its website. Price listings are based on the total value of the entire pallet, or indicate the wholesale per piece value per item. The company offers customers a choice of purchasing entire pallets of merchandise or cases from a pallet. Its ordering process involves clicking the item image and selecting the number of cases to purchase.

Merchandize Liquidators is a good place to browse for pallets containing clothing, beauty products and household appliances. This wholesale company also has unique items such as fashionable shoes or food items no longer wanted by stores. Merchandize Liquidators provides numerous photo images of contents of each pallet and gives website visitors a thorough view of products. Pallet order pages feature a list of pallet contents in the product description, along with the purchase price.

Warehouse One offers a limited selection of bargain-priced pallets featuring a wide variety of household goods, including seasonal holiday assortments. After browsing its pallet selection at its website, pallet purchases are made by contacting the company by email or phone.